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March 19, 2016

Hong Kong, the pearl of the orient, Asia’s world city, a collaboration of western and eastern cultures, It’s the perfect city to experience Asia without the culture shock.

I recently visited the city and decided to share some of the stand outs of this city that will leave a long lasting impression that will make you want to go back every time you think about it.


Restaurants are of no shortage here. Honestly, I cannot pick one because there are too many to choose from. But then I asked myself which one stood out to me the most and I absolutely recommend Hutong.

Hutong serves up award-winning northern Chinese cuisine, come here for any occasion, whether it be a casual dinner, valentine’s day date, or for Chinese New year!

The décor takes you back to traditional China, wooden furniture, dim lighting, and red lanterns. It might sound cheesy, but I found this executed beautifully! As delicious the food was and as wonderful the décor was, the view this restaurant provides was. Hong Kong’s entire skyline as your dinner view. This restaurant is on top of 1 Peking road. Yes, THAT skyline, the one you see on Instagram and Facebook is your view (make your reservations and request for a window table). It was the experience that got me… Not to mention if you’re in London anytime soon, this restaurant also has a location at The Shard.

HuTong, One Peking Road, Hong KongHutong restaurant interior

Hutong tableware




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Cold Pressed Juices

January 30, 2016

So I’ve tried a bunch of different cold pressed juiceries in Toronto because I thought that I was going to look cool holding that bottle in my hand while walking down Bay Street. I probably fooled myself in thinking that until I remembered I paid $10 for ONE BOTTLE. It’s okay, I didn’t really need to eat that week anyway! (isn’t that the point of a juice cleanse?)

Juice Cleanses weren’t a thing until the peeps in LA decided it was, so of course Toronto proceeds to open up a bunch of different Juiceries in downtown EVERYWHERE. My favourite is the Daily Press Juicery.

These are not just regular juices you can find in the grocery store, these are cold-pressed with a Hydraulic Press Juicer which means its super healthy… Or so they say, but I don’t doubt them… Shhh! Don’t make me regret my purchase.

Although each type of juice has their own benefits like weight loss, immune system booster, I didn’t pick base on their benefits, I pick based on how good they look 🙂 Me being me, the first one that I grabbed was the black one rightfully named Maleficent. Oooooo Spooky~ I also tried the Pink Mylk and Sunset Blvd. They are available in two different sizes.

All the juices taste great, the Maleficent had activated charcoal, lemon, agave nectar, and alkaline water (yumm… charcoal always taste great right?), meanwhile Pink Mylk is more of a thicker consistency with nuts and fruits so you can feel full. Sunset Blvd is perfect because of the name… and because it has a little bit of spice in it from the ginger. I feel healthier sipping on ma drink so I’m happy!

(photos courtesy of their facebook page)

Don’t have time to pick up your juices in store? FOODORA will deliver this straight to you!

Check out their instagram page! Juicery accounts always have the best pictures!
200 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON


Cajun Seafood Boil at The Captain’s Boil

November 14, 2015

If you love seafood, then heaven has arrived! The Captain’s Boil recently had their soft opening and is already generating buzz all around Toronto. This concept revolves plastic bags, Cajun spices, messy hands, and a very satisfied stomach! This is how it works, you choose your type of seafood, ranging from shrimp, lobster, king crab, snow crabs, crawfish and more, then a type of spice (just choose the captains boil option that has everything, this is perfect for people who can’t decide like me…) and then finally, your level of spiciness. I overheard someone asking, “on a scale from 1 to 10, how spicy is the SPICY option?”, the waitress responds, “its beyond a 10”. I don’t know… my friend and I just found this hilarious :P.

There are also options for sides, which I believe is a must add, simply because I like variety in my meals and who doesn’t like more food! You can choose from corn on the cob, Cajun fries and fried shrimp!

For all of you that have never ventured to California, this is already an existing concept that has taken off and is STILL doing very well in their business. The Captains’ Boil is Canada’s attempt to emulate California’s Boiling Crab. Now, for me, I am very skeptical when it comes to Canada copying successful concepts, because it usually disappoints in taste, price, and concept, but I can say that The Captain’s Boil has done a very good job in being the pioneer of this type of restaurant, offering flavours that are… wait for it… even tastier than Boiling Crab and all within a GREAT price range!

FYI: They have a 10% discount during their soft opening! Try it out, I believe they really do live up to the hype, and always remember to make a reservation! Just to avoid waiting in line starving to death…

If I may, I would like to chime in on somethings that can hopefully make The Captain’s Boil even better:

  1. Change the fried shrimp from butterfly shrimp (flat) to battered fried shrimp (whole)
  2. For your future locations, I think it might be better to occupy a larger space so there is a bit more room to breathe and obviously less waiting time!

Oh, and almost forgot, for us city dwellers out there, they are opening up a second location downtown just a few steps north of College and Yonge! Thank god, I don’t have to travel all the way to Finch for my seafood cravings!

image3 image7 image1

Address: 5313 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2N 5R4

*featured image courtesy of The Boiling Crab’s Facebook page
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Where To: Breakfast / Brunch In Ottawa

November 8, 2015

If you live in Toronto and you haven’t been to Ottawa, seriously what are you doing with your life? Jokes… #notreally It’s Canada’s capital (no, despite popular belief, Toronto is not the capital of Canada…) and its also a 4-hour drive away, so what are you waiting for? Ottawa is a perfect weekend getaway!

Now, for people who HAVE been to Ottawa countless times already, I suggest hopping on over to the Quebec side and discover the quaint little town, city, village(?) of Hull! It’s a cute little “city” just across the Ottawa river!

I understand why people think Canadians are nice now… being in Toronto, the Canadians I come across are NOT nice, but over in Ottawa, people say hi to you! Like… I don’t know you, why are you asking me about my day? BUT I LOVE ITTT!

Okay… going off track, I went to this cute little restaurant called Café Cinq Sens and I was blown away by their quality of food!

This restaurant prides itself on making everything from scratch and in-house, which explains why their food is delicious. I have been there a few times now and I can easily say that EVERYTHING on the menu is simply scrumptious! Either it was their Farm-to-table philosophy that makes everything tastes so good, or their beyond reasonable prices, or the chef Jason and his wife Rosemarie (yes I basically know their life story) have a talent for making delicious food.

The standout has to be their maple bacon… yes, on paper it might seem average (but not really), in fact, you can buy that at your local grocery store. But NO, STOP, I don’t know what they did, but their maple bacon is crazy. It’s caramelized, oven baked to perfection and has all the right amounts of flavour! UGHHH I AM DROOLING RIGHT NOW!

The funny thing is… I didn’t even order it… I had their Omelette Creole  which was also terrific! Explain to me how a simple eggs, bacon, home fries and toast breakfast can taste so good?. Honestly their perfect 5 star Yelp reviews pretty much sum it up. Here’s their menu, take a look at what they offer and if you ever get a chance to be in this area, CHECK IT OUT NOW!


Photos below courtesy of Cafe Cinq Sens’ Facebook page!

11693979_1203749416318389_7529232099156820654_n 1509078_1110154592344539_5534178319408241301_n salmon


Check it out when you have a chance:

Address: 417 Boul Alexandre-Taché, Gatineau, Quebec, J9A 1M6, Canada


Facebook: Facebook Page

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The Perfect Picnic

October 11, 2015

On a beautiful Sunday, I felt the sudden urge to have a picnic in the middle of High Park. It was sunny and the weather was crisp. Since Fall in Toronto realistically only lasts one week before all hell (winter) breaks loose, we had to optimize this perfect weather.

Normally, people prepare for picnics in advance, but since we always play by last minute, we went to our closest dollar store and picked up some snacks, chips, and juice. But we did have some real food to satisfy our constant hunger; wings, and ribs… at a picnic… I know.

But you know what makes a picnic fun? Bluetooth speakers.. YESSSSSS #distractallthepigeons, along with some champagne and this somehow turned into a very VERY fun picnic!

Just remember guys… alcohol and music always make every setting optimal.





Millie Patisserie & Creamery

August 11, 2015

I am really picky when it comes down to pastries, I like to call myself a connoisseur of cakes and whipped cream. Fun fact, whipped cream tastes so much better when it is NOT from a can… mind blown right? Or was that common knowledge? Oh well…

But seriousness, my favourite type of cake is the strawberry shortcake with freshly whipped cream. If any patisserie sells this without having that crusty day old cream that I can see from a mile away, I would probably buy the whole cake for myself in a heartbeat.


Millie Patisserie had their grand opening last weekend around the corner of King and Adelaide, opening up their second location in Toronto. Their original location in Kensington Market sold crepes under the Millie Creperie name, however this location mainly focuses on their delicious cakes, pastries, and even gelato!

Me being the cake expert… I had to check it out, and my was I impressed… and although I am easily impressed when it comes down to… EVERYTHING, it really does take a bit more effort to impress me in the cake category.


Millie named their version of the strawberry shortcake the strawberry shortie, a light Japanese cheesecake version of my favourite cake (say no to 2 hour line ups at Uncle Tetsu!) And don’t worry, it is NOT cheesy at all if that is what you are wondering since Japanese cheesecakes are light and fluffy, not decadent and heavy like their American counterpart.

I also had their Matcha Azuki, a green tea cake with red bean filling, equally delicious, but I still preferred my shortie 😛

I feel like I’ve said cake WAAAYYYY too many times


Enough about cake, remember to get their lattes, once again BEST lattes I have ever had in Toronto, unexplainable, just plain HEAVEN! I’m gonna have to get an extra-large venti whatever you call it size next time I come in!




My Favourite Restaurants in Toronto for June

July 6, 2015

June is my favourite month of the year because of two reasons; it is the start of summer and also the month of my birthday (yay).

I am one of those people that lets my iPhone eat before I let myself eat. I need it for my Instagram, DUH! No matter how starved I am, I am always courteous to my beloved phone 😀

So for the month of June, I have been trying restaurants I haven’t ate at before. Yelp is a wonderful app that often decides my fate since I can never make up my mind when it comes to where and what to eat. I’m officially making Yelp a verb. example: “just yelp it”.

So here are some places I went to for the month of June that I find palatable:

School Bakery & Cafe
70 Fraser Ave. Toronto, ON

IMG_7349 IMG_7346

I went here for brunch because everyone has been talking about their fluffy pancakes! Now whenever I eat out, I like to order something that has variety, you will never see me order something that only has one item on it (hence why I never order pancakes, or waffles), but I made an exception here and thank goodness my risk-taking paid off! These pancakes were so delicious and stacked so high I could call this the CN Tower of all pancakes (that was lame).

So yeah… get the pancakes, but everything else seemed delicious too! I overheard conversations about maple syrup sausages and bacon. YUMMM

Little Fin
4 Temperance St. Toronto, ON



Tucked away in the financial district, I thought this was going to be some fancy seafood restaurant that charges $16 for JUST a lobster roll. And I was kind of right. Here at Little Fin, they charge $16 for a lobster roll… BUT with the choice of TWO sides! Helloooooo #dealz

Honestly the reason why I wanted to check this place out was because of their store design. I loved their outdoor patio with the bright blue tables! I didn’t even get their lobster roll to be honest! Instead I opted for their Mahi Mahi sandwich with the seaweed salad and potato wedges and everything about it was AMAZING!

The best part? They had cucumber water. OMG

The Hot House Restaurant & Bar
35 Church St. Toronto, ON

IMG_8299 IMG_8303

I live right around the corner from this place and I’ve never checked it out until they recently opened up the patio again for the summer season. This restaurant serves your typical American/Canadian/Comfort/Whatever you want to call it type of food and they do it WELL. I am so PICKY with pastas because I make my favourite kind of pasta right at home without paying ridiculous amounts of money. I ordered the lobster and snow peas fettuccine and it was creamy, tasty, and most importantly, there were more than two pieces of lobster in a lobster-centric entree! WOW. You don’t always get that in Toronto!

Tokyo Kitchen
20 Charles St E, Toronto, ON
(They do not have a website so check out their yelp page!)


Who doesn’t like somewhat overpriced Japanese food? I don’t… But I also don’t have a choice, so if I’m paying for this, I might as well find a place with good food! I ordered the Chicken Curry Katsu and everything about it was just right. The right amount of crispiness, juiciness, and curry…ness (?). They also had bento box specials and it came with ALOT of food, don’t you hate it when your friends order something and it looks SO much better? UGH!

So those are my picks for this month! All mouthwatering and delicious, prices are affordable since you see me as a patron there! Definitely check these restaurants out whenever you are in Toronto!