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March 19, 2016

Hong Kong, the pearl of the orient, Asia’s world city, a collaboration of western and eastern cultures, It’s the perfect city to experience Asia without the culture shock.

I recently visited the city and decided to share some of the stand outs of this city that will leave a long lasting impression that will make you want to go back every time you think about it.


Restaurants are of no shortage here. Honestly, I cannot pick one because there are too many to choose from. But then I asked myself which one stood out to me the most and I absolutely recommend Hutong.

Hutong serves up award-winning northern Chinese cuisine, come here for any occasion, whether it be a casual dinner, valentine’s day date, or for Chinese New year!

The décor takes you back to traditional China, wooden furniture, dim lighting, and red lanterns. It might sound cheesy, but I found this executed beautifully! As delicious the food was and as wonderful the décor was, the view this restaurant provides was. Hong Kong’s entire skyline as your dinner view. This restaurant is on top of 1 Peking road. Yes, THAT skyline, the one you see on Instagram and Facebook is your view (make your reservations and request for a window table). It was the experience that got me… Not to mention if you’re in London anytime soon, this restaurant also has a location at The Shard.

HuTong, One Peking Road, Hong KongHutong restaurant interior

Hutong tableware




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