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Cold Pressed Juices

January 30, 2016

So I’ve tried a bunch of different cold pressed juiceries in Toronto because I thought that I was going to look cool holding that bottle in my hand while walking down Bay Street. I probably fooled myself in thinking that until I remembered I paid $10 for ONE BOTTLE. It’s okay, I didn’t really need to eat that week anyway! (isn’t that the point of a juice cleanse?)

Juice Cleanses weren’t a thing until the peeps in LA decided it was, so of course Toronto proceeds to open up a bunch of different Juiceries in downtown EVERYWHERE. My favourite is the Daily Press Juicery.

These are not just regular juices you can find in the grocery store, these are cold-pressed with a Hydraulic Press Juicer which means its super healthy… Or so they say, but I don’t doubt them… Shhh! Don’t make me regret my purchase.

Although each type of juice has their own benefits like weight loss, immune system booster, I didn’t pick base on their benefits, I pick based on how good they look 🙂 Me being me, the first one that I grabbed was the black one rightfully named Maleficent. Oooooo Spooky~ I also tried the Pink Mylk and Sunset Blvd. They are available in two different sizes.

All the juices taste great, the Maleficent had activated charcoal, lemon, agave nectar, and alkaline water (yumm… charcoal always taste great right?), meanwhile Pink Mylk is more of a thicker consistency with nuts and fruits so you can feel full. Sunset Blvd is perfect because of the name… and because it has a little bit of spice in it from the ginger. I feel healthier sipping on ma drink so I’m happy!

(photos courtesy of their facebook page)

Don’t have time to pick up your juices in store? FOODORA will deliver this straight to you!

Check out their instagram page! Juicery accounts always have the best pictures!
200 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON

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