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March 25, 2016

Aside from eating, Hong Kong has an abundant amount of activities for any type of person. If you are that city dude or gal, Causeway Bay is a great shopping district. If you are more a nature lover, hit up some beaches, hikes, or parks!

Speaking of hiking… did you know Hong Kong is known for their trails and hikes?

As dense as the city is, Hong Kong has a backyard with tons of natural scenery. My favourite hike was Dragon’s Back! A wonderful hike for beginners with a beautiful scenery. This is where you can get that perfect Instagram picture staring right out to the Pacific Ocean. Oh, and I almost forgot, the hike ends on a BEACH! Nothing better than sitting on the warm sand with a cold beer to relax yourself before heading back into the hustle and bustle!


IMG_7170 IMG_7169

If you are not tired yet, hit up the nightlife… It does not even have to be on a weekend because there will srurely be people drinking… one because its a heavy tourist area, and two people love to drink in Hong Kong, it is a great stress reliever after work!.

Where would you go you might ask?

LKF. Enough said. My best nights happen here, I don’t even think they have a last call here! Be ready to be out until the sunrise. LKF or Lan Kwai Fong is a dense block of clubs, bars, restaurants, and 7/11s (CHEAP BOOZE!). A few years back when I did my exchange in Hong Kong, every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night (I know…) will always start off at 7/11 (aka club 7/11). For those of you who don’t know, 7/11 is a convenience store that is literally in every block of Asia. You can find almost anything here. But if you want something more quiet and discreet, SOHO is up the corner too. Oh and food after drinking is a must, go to the 24/7 Chui Wah to experience Hong Kong comfort food, or slurp down a hot bowl of Ramen at Ichiran!

Lan Kwai Fong Sign

In a nutshell, Hong Kong is the whole package. Mouthwatering food, beautiful nature and scenery, and an exciting nightlife, I truly will never get bored of this city! The best time to visit is during the fall season, an abundance of sunshine, low humidity (that’s another topic for another day), perfect weather (think 25 degrees!) and cheap flights.


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