Wallet Accessories

March 27, 2016
wallet accessories

I am so over the fat wallet (I don’t even have any money in it, just receipts!) Since I like putting my wallet in my back pocket, it really destroys the shape of the wallet! Don’t you just love wallet accessories? I mean there are only two solutions… I either have to lose weight because clearly I’m too heavy for my wallet or I just get a new wallet. So I go get a new wallet…


You know the saying, “keep it simple stupid”? Well, this applies to everything right now, including my wallet choice. I decided to remove all the unnecessary junk from my old wallet and opt for a slimmer alternative. My TUMI cardholder is just that, a cardholder that includes a pocket for cash, a clear film to easily show your ID or Metropass, and a few slots for your credit cards. DONE.

tumi wallet accessories

tumi wallet accessories

Seriously guys, have you ever wondered how it looks when someone notices a GIANT LOPSIDED BULDGE in one of your back pockets? ITS HIDEOUS, LIKE SOMETHING IS GROWING OUT OF YOUR LEFT BUTTCHEEK! No amount of style can help you there!

Let’s ban the traditional wallets, and “keep it simple, stupid!”

Here are a few slim card cases that I really like:

Ever heard of the 3 taps? Phone in one pocket, keys in your other, and wallet at the back.

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