I’m Moving To Vancouver

October 27, 2017

I’m moving to Vancouver

…is what I said after my whirlwind weekend in the city that boasts about their perfect mix of scenery, cityscape, and nature. Despite visiting many other countries before this, seeing another part of Canada was NEVER part of my plan. It’s expensive to fly in Canada, and a 5 hour flight east will almost take me to Europe, so why would I fly west?

The opportunity to visit my west coast came up when a flash sale from YYZ to YVR popped up. Texted Francine and gave her 5 minutes to decide YES or NO. YES it was, and off we went!

Let’s just say one thing, I felt like I was in Canada for the first time. Everything the Country boasted about all lived in Vancouver. It had the ocean, it had the mountains, it had the city, and it had the weather (well… sorta). Maybe because I am getting older but I am starting to value more of the things that make Canada so great. I find it in Toronto, but I SEE it in Vancouver. I love the more laid back lifestyle and the fact that I can take a bus for 30 minutes and end up at the bottom of a mountain and begin my hikes.

I want to move there.

Being a traveler really gives me major feels of “The grass is always greener”. People from Toronto love Vancouver, and people from Vancouver love Toronto. There’s always pro’s and con’s to each city, it’s really just down to what you think is valuable to you.

Big city, job opportunities, easy access to the Western part of the world? – Toronto

Laid back, nature-driven, and warmer weather? – Vancouver

What if I want all? Where should I go then?

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