Getting over a Travel Hangover

November 3, 2017

Vacations are great, traveling is awesome, seeing the world is a blessing! You feel so energized and motivated to do every single thing so you don’t miss out on anything. It’s a great thing because it gets you out the bed, but it can be EXHAUSTING! You probably won’t feel it for the duration of your trip (hmm, maybe towards the end), but the moment your body hits your own bed again, you get the travel hangover.


I’m serious, it’s a real thing! Now, this term is whatever negative energy you are feeling. Whether it be exhaustion, jet lag, sickness, depression, the feeling of wanting to travel again, not wanting to go back to work, etc!

I was so PUMPED during my 10 day vacation in Spain, I could literally walk a full 20 km worth of steps in one day and then get dressed to party until 6 am… FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT. You ignore all signs of your body telling you to slow down, but you can’t because you are on a travel high. Obviously not everyone is as “reckless” as me, but we’ve all felt the same way when traveling.

I’m not telling you to stop doing what you’re doing, I’m here to give you some advice as to what I do when I get the travel hangover!

1.       Start planning your next trip
  •  Most effective in my opinion. What’s better than coming back from a travel high just to throw yourself back in it again? From planning, to budgeting, to landing to your destination, it’s the BEST way to get yourself out of any funk. Warning: might get addicting
  • Another method is to line up your trips. So when you come back from your latest trip, you will have another one waiting for you around the corner 😉
2.       Start a travel blog/journal
  • Write down your thoughts, journal everything and relive it as you write out your experiences and encounters. Hey, that’s what I’m doing right now in this exact moment!
3.       Inspire
  • You know those few people in your friend group or at work that don’t travel EVER? Yeah, time to get their butts off their chairs and INSPIRE them to travel. What I realized in Barcelona as I was taking pictures is that the beauty cannot be captured on camera. It really has to be lived through your own eyes. Share your love for travel and convince them to book that flight, CHANGE their lives!
4.       Hustle
  • Coming back to 300 emails and missed calls at work? Work your ASS off towards your goal, whether it is professional or personal. Keep your mind off of your travel hangover. If you took my first advice and started planning your next trip, mentally prepare yourself to work hard to get that next promotion or sign up for more shifts so you can AFFORD your next trip!
5.       Leave
  • If all else fails and you’re at a point where traveling is addicting and you just want to GET OUT of your home base and try something new; leave. Just leave. MOVE somewhere and change your course, get a job abroad. Teach English in South Korea, be a flight attendant in Dubai, apply for a working visa in the UK, study for your bachelors or masters in Italy. YOU. GOT. OPTIONS. Go!

What are your tips to get over a travel hangover? Let me know!

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