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How to Travel With a Full-time Job

April 12, 2017

Got a full-time job and still want to rid your travel bug? I got some tips. I’ve read the blogs where these travelers quit their job to travel full-time, or watched youtube videos of how amazing their life was after they made the decision to leave their 9-5. Props to them for taking a big risk and succeeding!

I have to say, I thought about it too… but I just cannot commit to that. At least for now. I enjoy my career and what I do, but this also funds my travelling adventures, I have the right balance, why would I leave that? My situation does not allow me to travel full-time and heck I don’t even have many days off to do so, but I make it work, you just gotta be flexible!

If you’re just starting out in the adult world, many fulltime positions only give you 2-3 weeks of paid vacation plus a few “personal” days. In my opinion, its not enough, but think about it this way… You are getting paid to go on vacation!

Here’s my secret:

You don’t have to take the 2-3 weeks vacation all at once. Sure, you get more of a “break” but I learned when you’re on vacation, you don’t really get “rest”. So the day after that long flight will still leave you tired either way. Besides, I don’t want to be working for the entire year and yearning for my one “break”. Be smart with your days off and BREAK IT UP. Visit multiple countries! I like to tie in my vacation days around long weekends and maximize my time off. I’m utilizing this coming Easter weekend for a trip to Lisbon. How cool is it to tell your friends you are going to Portugal for the weekend? I only took two vacation days FYI and I have a full 4.5 days in Lisbon! Just don’t get CRAZY and go to Thailand for the weekend, be SMART!

Pro tip:

Try to find a flight that leaves after your work day. For example, I finish work at 5PM this Thursday and my flight leaves at 8:30PM. Totally enough time to get to the airport within 3.5 hours. Just make sure you’re all packed and ready to jet set straight from the office (PS. No one should EVER judge you for that). You arrive the following day bright and early  and voila! You are in another country!

If your company has something like flex hours, or “summer” hours, then utilize that too! Some places let you leave half day on a Friday or a full day off as long as you work those hours throughout the week. This is your key to quick getaways in the summer. Last year, I went to New York City by leaving the office on a Friday at 1pm and tying it in with one of the long weekends. If you want to go for a longer trip but take less days off, then this is the prime time! 10 days in Thailand with only 3 vacation days? Doable but I’ll let you figure that one out 😉

You could easily fit in 3-4 vacations throughout the year. I usually like to do 2-3 small ones and 1 BIG vacation!

You don’t’ have to be drastic and quit your job to travel. All I’m doing is putting a twist to “getting paid to travel”.

Am I wrong?

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